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10 Kid’s Recipes To Make This Holiday Season

August 11, 2013

Ramadan is over, hoildays are still here and just incase you are not on a safari with the kids, on a roller coaster or at disneyworld, there's another way to add some excitement at home - in the kitchen.

Some people would rather buy these snacks on when there is demand for it but I recommend you try this out in your kitchen with the kids - consider it your back up plan. Two things, they get to learn more about baking and cooking and secondly, it could get them tired so they sleep earlier and longer.

Sandwich and Pancakes can be served as breakfast and are quite easy for the kids to help out during preparation.Chin ChinPof Pof, Pop corn, CookiesCakesMeat Pie and Sausage rolls are perfect snacks but remember to store appropriately

Pizza is highly recommended for dinner most of the time and saves the day if you want something light, simple and tasty. It contains our favourite bread, cheese, toppings and sauce so let the family fun time begin

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