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  • Fried Yam and Sauce

    Fried Yam and Sauce

    Fried yam could be eaten with eggs, sauce, custard, pap or on its own. In this recipe,...
  • Fried sweet potatoes

    Fried sweet potatoes

    Here is another type of chips if you like. It is mouth-watering especially when served...
  • Boiled Plantain

    Boiled Plantain

    Plantain is a basic dish in the country especially when it is ripe but it is high in...
  • Almost English Breakfast

    Almost English Breakfast

    This recipe includes almost all the food items included in english breakfast except ...
  • Stew


    This is one very popular sauce in Nigeria and is usually eaten with yam,plantain,...
  • Fried Plantain with Eggs

    Fried Plantain with Eggs

    Popularly called 'dodo', fried plantain is a mouth-watering dish served in many homes...
  • Chicken in Carrot Soup

    Chicken in Carrot Soup

    Carrot soup is popularly enjoyed on its own or served with rice, potatoes etc. It...
  • Abak Afang Soup

    Abak Afang Soup

    Abak Afang soup is popular in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. It is basically palm...

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