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Be adventurous with your diet! It’s March

March 13, 2016

February ended with sweeter Udara fruit and also the yield of Mangoes. Generally, the rains started watering our soils in different regions of the country and it is always so refreshing to smell it after it falls.

March is even more exciting as there are more exotic fruits and vegetables for us to eat. Different fruits and vegetables have been spotted on the streets and in the markets and so far in March, like Mangoes, Udara, Pineapples, Bananas, Pear and even Corn. This is when to try your fruit salads, fresh fruit juices and smoothies. Just in case you have been planning to start a diet, this will also be a good time.

Remember that some of these fruits are seasonal so enjoy them while they last. Most times, fruits are forcefully ripened for sale but while it is their season, there is a higher probability of buying the naturally ripened fruit.  Fruits are rich in vitamins and are highly recommended as part of a healthy diet

If it is possible, try out the various species of Mangoes in Nigeria like the Cherie mango, the German mango or the big sized ‘Julie and Peter’ mango. Highly recommended this month to your delight, is MANGO. Seize the moment and get creative in the kitchen this season and feel free to share your ideas with others. 

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