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New Year 2017, New Kitchen Rules

March 13, 2017

Welcome to the year 2017. The celebrations are over and most people have probably made a few New Year resolutions. Including a few better habits regarding health and diet is highly recommended this year. Whether you accomplish them or not, depends on how committed you are. Here are a few recommendations for the new year for you, your health, your diet and your kitchen.

  • Buy in bulk, if it’s possible

Buying in bulk may seem costly but in the long term, you save a lot of money. With the state of the Nigerian economy, the prices of products increase every other month or sometimes week. Also, there are cherished brands you may be using at home and then suddenly, you can’t find them anymore in the market for several reasons. Stocking up helps you stay prepared and sufficient for a longer time. So if you have the money, buy in bulk but ensure you have the right storage facilities and utilities like a freezer, sufficient power supply, adequate storage space etc. to avoid the food items going bad as a result of moisture or pests. Some of these food items include, rice, beans, sugar, salt, seasoning cubes, cereals, milk, beverages etc.

  • Avoid wastage, cook just enough as storage of cooked food can be a problem

Endeavour to cook the right amount of food for each meal to avoid waste. Work towards knowing how much food will be enough for the family. Power supply is a challenge in Nigeria hence storing cooked food is not as easy as it should be. However, if you have steady power supply for the fridge and freezer then store the cooked food in the fridge for at most 2 days and in the freezer for at most 3 months. This way, you do not waste food and the food can last longer. There is also nothing wrong with sharing some of your cooked food with the poor around you in the spirit of love. Every 2 to 3 days, go through your fridge and dispose of any food which may be going bad

  • Cook Healthy, Preach Hygiene

Cooking healthy dishes and practicing good hygiene is a common new year resolution. Achieving this can help you live healthier lives and reduce the number of times we treat diarrhoea, dehydration or food poisoning. Food hygiene can save us money we would have spent on hospital bills. Weight loss can also help boost our self-confidence and make us happier. Keep the kitchen clean, keep the fridge clean and cultivate a habit of washing your hands more often

  • Get the family involved in the kitchen

With team spirit, cooking as a family is a lot of fun and can be considered a great way to bond with members of the family. Get your spouse in the kitchen to help, if he or she is less busy. Invite the children, your siblings, cousins or flatmates and enjoy the magic of togetherness while cooking. Use it as an opportunity to teach the younger generation how to cook and a little kitchen independence. A lot of art and science goes on in the kitchen so teach them a little of that but ensure it’s safe for them

  • Shop from trusted sources

With the recent influx of plastic rice and other fake products, one must be careful what we spend money on. Listen out for news exposing these fake products. Look out for any signs that may reveal that it is fake. Ask the seller any questions if you are in doubt hoping they will be honest

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