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Wonder why your kitchen always looks messy?

November 24, 2015

The kitchen can say a lot about the house and the people who live in it. Some people are really concerned about how their kitchen looks but there are some other people who don’t stress about how it looks or even smells. Your kitchen should be one of the cleanest places in the house because that is where your prepare foods that we put into our bodies. It may be difficult to admit but our kitchens are also the homes of rats and cockroaches and these pests and rodents could be a bit difficult to manage.

Sometimes I wonder why the rats we have these days are so bold and can’t be scared away easily. Fumigation helps a lot but there are some daily tasks that can help us keep our kitchens clean and tidy. Simple steps like not keeping dirty dishes overnight can go a long way in reducing the number of cockroaches living with you in your home. A dirty kitchen can discourage you from cooking, baking or even trying out a new recipe. Here are some reasons why our kitchens look messy and if avoided will give your kitchen a new ambience.

  1. Clean up after yourself: You and the people at home do not clean up after yourselves. So dirty dishes, dirty floors, dirty wall, dirty cooker surfaces and dirty worktops. It is easy to say ‘I’ll wash up later or at the end of the day’. We get tired after eating most times or get carried away with other activities and end up going to bed with a dirty kitchen. It is best to wash up as soon as you finish using an item. It takes little or no time
  2. Assign Storage spaces: You haven’t assigned storage spaces for your dishes, cutlery, utensils, chopping boards, trays, spices and other food stuff. For that reason, you have different things mixed up together and messing up each other. Water soaks up wood, spices stain drawers, and cockroaches get into your shelves feasting on what they like. There is no orderliness and other people come in and do not know where to keep what
  3. Maintenance Culture: You do not fix things as soon as they break or go bad. The drawer handles fall off as well as the shelves in the cupboard. The knife handles crack and you keep managing. The switches and sockets go bad and you leave it that way, overworking the one or two sockets remaining. The sink and pipes get clogged, we ignore it and put a basin in it to wash dishes etc. A good maintenance culture for your woodwork, electricals and plumbing can really help in keeping a tidy kitchen
  4. Storing up Junk in the Kitchen: You do not trash things as soon as you should. This way, you have magazines, pieces of paper, empty bottles and cans, faulty appliances, expired products or even covers of missing or broken bowls. These items occupy space in the drawers and shelves of your kitchen making the kitchen look cluttered.
  5. Show some love: Most times, you are more concerned about the areas in the house that visitors see. As a result, we care less about the kitchen, the store or the back of the house and care more about areas like the front of the house and the living room. If you love your kitchen, you take care of it and you will be encouraged to use it. Beautify it, organise it and you will enjoy exploring this little room that holds the family together
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