Nigerian Food and Recipes

Saturday Morning Remnant Buffet

October 09, 2012

Last Saturday, I ran out of breakfast options. The fridge was empty as I had 2 of my nephews who just left after one week of holiday. I had planned to go to the market to re-stock that weekend but that's no excuse for poor hubby and daughter. What should a woman do in such a case - improvise and feed the family.

So I went back to the fridge, freezer and store, brought out the remnants which included 1 sweet potato, 1 finger of plantain, bacon, 2 wraps of moin moin and 2 eggs. I fried,warmed and served. We all ate moin moin, fried sweet potato, fried plantain,bacon and fried eggs with a lot of water. HMMMMMMM YUMMY

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