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How Food can help keep your guy at home

December 12, 2015

Picture Source: Dissolve

As the saying goes, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through food’. Many times it is difficult to be certain of what your man really likes possibly because he says he likes everything you cook or he says he is not really into food. However, you notice that he likes to eat at restaurants or at friend’s homes or even when he goes to see his family. So something must be wrong and you have to find a way to fix it. Food may not always solve the problems but it sure goes a long way to keep love and peace at home. Here are some tips on how to keep him eager to come home to eat your food:

  1. No matter how sophisticated you are or how much you hate cooking, if your guy loves good food then you have to get your acts together if you want to keep him and give him good food.
  2. Make time to give him what he wants even though you are very busy at work or with religious activities. If you have help at home, have them prepare the ingredients and then when you get home, you can finish up real fast and try the present the food to him yourself.
  3. There are some men that like to do the cooking themselves, let them shine but you can be their sous chef but if you are not that lucky then put of your executive chef role and get on with the cooking
  4. Find out from him, his family or friends what he really enjoys eating and make it happen. Bring back his childhood memories and cook these dishes he remembers eating as a kid. Make it happen.
  5. Make a big deal out of the presentation. Serve him like a king. Set the table or the tray with the right cutlery, add serviette, favourite drink at the right temperature, candle lit dinner depending on the occasion or even give him warm water to wash his hands on a cold day
  6. Learn other ethnic or international dishes so you can add variety to what you serve at home. It’s hard work but you know what you want to achieve and it’s for a good cause
  7. If you do not know how to cook, then make efforts to learn like you learn every other thing you want to. If he is worth it, then learning to cook should not be  seen as stressful
  8. Make the kitchen fun to be in. Equip your kitchen with the right appliances and utensils. Add colour to the kitchen and possibly play your favourite songs and sing-a-long while cooking. Somehow, it makes it easier and faster
  9. If figuring out what to cook poses as a problem, come up with a weekly menu which will also serve as a shopping guide. Try to have basic spices, ingredients and meat at home so you can quickly come up with something, no matter how simple
  10. It’s okay to eat out or do ‘take away’ sometimes but let it be what he likes and not what you like. Remember that one man’s meat is another man’s poison
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