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March for Fruits, March for Mangoes

March 13, 2017

The picture says it all! This is when to indulge in the variety of fruits available. It’s beautiful and appealing how the fruits sellers arrange and display the fruits – it can make you feel bad for not patronizing them after all their efforts. So, don’t just admire the fruits, buy them. If you don’t want to eat the fruits, then consider giving out a fruit basket. It a perfect gift for any class of people – ‘the prince and the pauper’.

March is the month the mangoes get sweeter and juicier. You can explore the world of smoothies and juices with no regrets and remember that the season is not for long. You don’t just have to rely on SPAR or SHOPRITE for fresh mangoes. You can easily but on the streets, the junction or just pluck it off the tree (if you have a mango tree near you). In March, the fruits are not just available but they are also fresh and not as expensive


Many mango lovers do not mind getting their hands dirty in the process of eating mango. Some are not patient to get a plate or knife after all, they will just wash their hands after that, right? It is one season every restaurant should serve a fruit for dessert or at least have it on the menu

You have no excuse for not eating healthy this month. If you are not a fruit fan, then try the veggies. Vegetables like lettuce, carrots, green pepper and our other items are also still fresh and not so expensive for a proper salad. You can decide to have them as a main meal, side dish or a snack.

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