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Our highly recommended recipes for Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2016

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It’s the season again and not only are most people thinking of what to but for a loved one but also who to cook or eat on February 14th. Here are some highly recommended Ideas which should put you in the right mood. Some of these foods are known to relax your body, improve those hormones or increase blood flow around the body. Even though 5 recipes are recommended here, here are some foods that you can experiment with or have available as a side dish– Red wine, chocolates, almonds, caviar, eggs, okro, banana, carrots, chilli, cloves, oysters, parsley, garlic, watermelon and avocado

1. Toast bread with sunny side up eggs

Picture Source: Martha Stewart

This is another great idea for breakfast and could be served with hot chocolate as a drink. If you have some heart cutters, you could cut out the toast bread in heart shapes to serve with the egg. It is very simple and not time consuming. Some people like to spread avocado over toast like butter so it’s up to you to experiment

2. Banana and chocolate pancakes

Prepare your pancakes with mashed banana or with chocolate chips in them for breakfast. Remember that breakfast is perfect in bed on Valentine’s day – luckily it falls on a Sunday. You could use honey as your topping today and a slice of watermelon for dessert. If you do not mind having ice cream in the morning, then pancakes and ice cream is a delicious combo to try out.


3. Seafood Okro Soup with Carrots as dessert 

Just in case you really want to swallow for lunch, freshly-made Seafood Okro soup is perfect with your favourite swallow. However, do not take too much swallow so you not feel overfed for the rest of the day. You can serve Avocado, carrots or banana for dessert if you still have space for more after eating

4. Fried Rice with banana, Chocolate Cake and Ice cream

This could be served for either lunch or dinner but the magic is in the taste – spicy. It should contain ingredients like chili, garlic, carrots, ginger and parsley. It can be served complimented with banana or avocado and your dessert could be chocolate cake and ice cream. This recipe also goes well with red wine if you like wines or just serve with your favourite drink

5. Jollof Spaghetti or Spaghetti with Spicy sauce

Here the sauce has to be made with preferably carrots, garlic, parsley, chillies as well as some seafood content like oyster. You can choose to eat from the same plate and suck in the spaghetti into your mouths at the same time- who knows, you end up with the same spaghetti strand and then you carry on from there. This is perfect for dinner and you must remember chocolates, ice cream with ground almonds in it for desserts or just do wine.

Here is wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day from Mama’s Dish

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