Nigerian Food and Recipes

The many ways to enjoy corn

July 28, 2017

I have always wondered the difference between Maize and Corn. I have figured out now that they are the same only that the name 'corn' was a term given to Maize by the British and it is more commonly called corn by most people. I also remember that in my Agricultural Science class, I was taught that name 'Maize' was derived from the plant Zea Mays. Here in Nigeria, I have seen the white maize as well as the yellow maize kernels.

Growing up, my mother planted maize every year in the farm at the back of the house. It was always so much fun planting and harvesting maize especially the part where you peel the husk to discover the kernels. During corn season, we would cook almost everything with corn

The easiest was boiling it with a bit of salt and enjoying it with pear or coconut

We also roasted it with the firewood we cooked with in the backyard

Some people love to eat the boiled corn with butter and this is a delicacy in many restaurants

Other food ideas we would  make include pap or akamu, corn balls or the moi moi version of corn (Ekoki)

My mother also used grated corn to make porridge with pumpkin leaves (Asa)

Corn or maize can also be used to garnish your beans porridge

It is rich in Carbohydrate and low in fat and cholesterol


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