Nigerian Food and Recipes

Going Healthy this Year

January 04, 2013

Fruits are basically rich in vitamins and even though I consider them boring, they are good for the body, for digestion and weight loss so I'll make an effort to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables this year.

I have been advised that presentation and preparation can encourage me to eat these fruits and vegetables -Smoothie options, freshly squeezed juices or just eat them like that. In Nigeria, the commonest fruits are bananas, oranges, avocado, sour sop, pawpaw, pineapples and sometimes apples. Oh, there's agbalumo, pear and guava.

Common vegetables include carrots, lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes,green peppers, snake peas. These can be used for various salads and sauces.

Growing up, it was common to have these trees planted around our homes and it was just easy to pluck and eat without spending so much on these rather healthy options for food. Grapes and Strawberries are kind of expensive so unless you just want to indulge, you don't have to buy them. I don't know how realistic the 5-a-day rule is but it's worth making an effort. Eat it as a snack or as a meal

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