Nigerian Food and Recipes

Ibibio Traditional Marriage

October 21, 2012

We  attended an ibibio traditional marriage ceremony yesterday  and even though we enjoyed the display of the traditional dance troop, we couldn't stop trying out different dishes. The best was the 'ayan ekpang' with atama soup(banga). Ayan Ekpang is grated cocoyam wrapped with plantain leaf and cooked like moin moin. It was very nice with the banga soup.

Edikang Ikong was also served as well as Afangwhite soup and roasted corn with roasted pear; That was dessert by the way. We had different swallow options like fresh fufu, garri, pounded yam and of course the ayan ekpang.

Basic jollof rice was served anyway but we didn't bother with that. It was generally a good outing and we enjoyed every bit of it. Real tasty  ibibio cuisine free of charge. What more could we ask for?

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