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Covid-19 and Online food shopping - my new normal

June 26, 2020

Shopping is a pleasant experience for many, it's therapeutic for some people and for some, it's something they have to do. Online shopping has never been my thing. I used it for gadgets and gifts but certainly not food. I preferred walking round the shops, sorting through the products, possibly bargaining prices and finally deciding which one to buy. I wouldnt have imagined buying lettuce, yam or waterleaf online but now, I buy everything online. Why? Because I am trying to limit the number of times I expose myself to the possibility of getting coronavirus.

In my opinion, it's best to avoid getting it at all because I'm not sure how coronavirus works. It's understood that it affects the elderly and people with certain illnesses but there are some other people who have died and didn't fall into these two categories. How many of us in Nigeria actually know how true health status? Since it's that unpredictable, we can only do what we can. These goods come in from different sources and people so one thing I do when I receive the items is to wash the products properly or keep for 72 hours just to be sure. 

The experience has been different every time but I do not have many choices. It has generally been convenient, sometimes I order from the comfort of my bed. Placing the order is usually okay but delivery times and the quantity might not be as expected, sometimes delivery is good and sometimes it's not.  Generally, it has very convenient and most times, the food is fresh and intact. I have also had access to all sorts of food and had it delivered to me without going to the different types of market in the different parts of town. So will this be my new normal? When this Covid-19 phase passes, I'm still wondering if i'll want to go back to the market. 

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