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Are you planning for a 'boring' festive season?

November 24, 2015

How much fun you have during this yuletide season completely depends on you. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in Christmas or not, there is excitement all around you and it’s just one week away from the New Year Celebration. You will see lots of Friends and Family, or at least hear from them. The kids will be on ‘hyper-mode’ and it would be so unfair to lock yourself and your kids up from all the celebration.

You can choose to make like every other day or you can make efforts to ensure you share love with people around and for the kids, it’s actually a good opportunity to create memories they won’t grow up to forget. You can make it low key or make a big deal out of it but remember that normal life goes on after Christmas and New Year celebration and it will be unwise to start the year completely broke.

Schools will be out soon and the kids will be home, some homes will have people coming over for the holidays. It’s better to have a plan so you can manage your resources properly. Apart from decorating the house, the Christmas tree and buying gifts, stocking up the kitchen can help in keeping everyone happy. Plan for a special treat for the family on the key days, try to buy some things we may consider luxury and hardly eat during the year like bacon, sausage or a nice bottle of wine, it all adds to the excitement.

Finally, get everyone involved in the baking or cooking. For some, it is family tradition to kill the goat or chicken by themselves on the morning of the D-day. Some people prefer to ice the Christmas cake on Christmas eve. Whatever task you choose, remember that it is part of the excitement. Items you can consider buying in bulk include rice, yam, chicken, meat, fish, beverages, drinks, baking items. It advisable to have ready-made snacks available to serve guests or to keep the holidaymakers occupied when hunger sets in and the main dish is not ready. These snacks include biscuits, chin chin, cake, fried meat or pof pof.

If you do nothing about the season then it may turn out very boring for you. However, if you make a little effort like reaching out to a friend, cooking together, eating together, decorating together, visiting together or even singing together, then it will a memorable and refreshing time for you. Remember , the maigc word is TOGETHER. Try it out.

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