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Halleluyah, Plantain isn’t so expensive anymore

September 14, 2012

Finally, plantain isn't expensive as it use to be. A couple of months ago it cost about N1000 for 4 fingers of plantain. Eating dodo and egg for a family was an expensive breakfast. You only prepare plantain when you really have to or as a side dish. I think it was the increase in petrol prices at the beginning of the year that started the problem. Remember when petrol prices went up and there was strike as a result of that. All of a sudden, the prices wouldn't just come down or is it that it was just not available after that?

Anyway, today I got 10 fingers of  plantain for N1000. I have boiled some to eat with beans and the rest we will fry tomorrow morning with eggs, bacons and sausages. Hmm, my favorite weekend breakfast

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