Nigerian Food and Recipes

Importance of Measuring Food Ingredients

March 25, 2021

As boring and insignificant as it seems, measuring ingredients for cooking and baking is key to producing high quality and consistent food taste. It is convenient to guess the measurement or assume you have mastered it so there is no point using the scale, measuring cups and spoons staring at you.

Have you wondered why some customers or your food tasters say – ‘this doesn’t taste like the cake you baked for my mum; I wanted the exact recipe and I told you when I placed my order’? Or  you could get the feedback that the coconut rice is not as tasty as the previous one you cooked.

You buy a recipe book and try the recipe out and everyone loves it. The following month after preparing the same recipe, you get feedback that the same dish is tasting different. Sometimes, we want to blame the fruits, the flour or the tomatoes and  you may be right but you have to do your part to satisfy your consumers as well as retain your identity and image.

Consistency is very important in business. Apart from disappointing your consumers or meeting their expectations, other benefits of measuring food ingredients include controlling costs, reducing waste and loosing revenue. Measuring is said to be ‘the key to good food’

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