Nigerian Food and Recipes

Roast dishes here we come!

April 28, 2013

I travelled home for easter and was served roast chicken and plantain with pepper sauce. It was simply divine. I tried it at home with the oven but the taste was a little bit different so I am seriously considering having a barbeque stand at home so I can be doing all these roast dishes myself.

I think the secret is to get the seasoning right and marinade for at least 4hours for the chicken to be very tasty. Plantain is always nice so I didn't bother doing much with it unless you burn it then it becomes bitter.The scent leaf in the pepper sauce added a distinct aroma and taste to the sauce.

I prepared my sauce with chopped red and yellow pepper,onions, seasoning cube,salt and vegetable oil but some people prefer to use palm oil for the sauce. Any way you want to try it, it is still very delicious.

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