Nigerian Food and Recipes

Farming at home and its blessings

June 26, 2017

Sometime ago, I travelled home to visit my family and practically rest - away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. It is always a refreshing experience to actually hear the birds tweet and the goats bleat, No hurry to go anywhere as you simply enjoy the quietness of the surrounding and the freshness of the air as you meditate if you want.

Domestic farming is still in full practice at home and as a result most of the food eaten at home is harvested from the farm. Farming is hardwork and it's admirable. It is also a rewarding art and from what mummy explains to me, it's therapeutic as well.

From the afang leaf to the yam, the palm oil, the okro,the garden egg, the oranges, the scent leaf, pepper, egg plant, pear, coconut and even the plantain. Every food is at its peak of freshness and possibly contributes to the reason why all you want to do at home is sleep.The picture is little of what mummy came back home with from her domestic farm

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