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What to do when tomatoes are very expensive

June 18, 2016

Recently the cost of tomatoes has been on expensive and it has not been as bad as 4 tomatoes for N500. It has been discussed on TV, radio and even on the papers and mamy people are not sure how to live without tomatoes considering stew is a staple meal in Nigeria


You can make fall back on the tomato paste or start purchasing canned tomatoes. Better still, you can introduce other recipes to your kitchen and menu. If you must buy tomatoes then you could consider them when making vegetable salads or when making sandwiches


With this scarcity of tomatoes, consider these recipes in the place of stew and if you must cook jollof rice, then you can cook it with tomato paste with little or no fresh tomatoes if you cannot find the canned tomatoes


Try these sauces with your rice, yam, potatoes or plantain:

  1. Pepper soup
  2. Mixed Vegetable Sauce
  3. Pumpkin Leaf Sauce
  4. Oil Bean Sauce
  5. Bacon and Shrimp Sauce


You can also try egg recipes like:

  1. Fried Eggs
  2. Omelette
  3. Scrambled Eggs

So until tomato prices get better, be adventurous with these recipes


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